Who We Are

Since 1983, Texas Laundry Service Company has been an authorized Speed Queen distributor. Our commitment to the highest level of service and support makes us one of the top suppliers of laundry equipment to all of South Texas...

Our clients range from investors seeking maximum return on investment in the coin laundry business to laundry managers at hotels, prisons, restaurants, hospitals and long-term care facilities in search of greater efficiency.

Texas Laundry Service Company prides itself on providing not only quality equipment, but the pinnacle of customer service before, during and after the sale.

You can take comfort in our 30 plus years of commercial laundry experience.

"Dick Coan with Texas laundry service provided me the latest resources and tools in order to build the latest state of the art laundromat in Corpus Christi Texas. Dick guided me in investing in the most innovative, technologically advanced Speed Queen machines in the industry. The choice was simple as an educated investor and laundry owner there was simply one choice in working with the brand and global leader of Texas Laundry Service to increase my future business and profits."

- William Marin, Owner of The Laundry Depot
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Whether your needs are as simple as a small homestyle washer and dryer for an apartment facility or as broad as a fully equipped coin laundry, Texas Laundry Service Company has you covered. We provide a wide variety of washer-extractors, commercial dryers, flatwork ironers and other supplies for on-premises and vended laundries of any size.

“We were intrigued in the laundromat business but were unsure where to start, so we called SpeedQueen, and they introduced us to TX Laundry. The entire TX Laundry team was amazing to work with – from design, to construction, to operations. Also, the service after the sale is just as good as it was before the sale. We look forward to working with TX Laundry on our next laundromat!”

- Thomas Crowson
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No longer are vended laundries spare change ventures. They’ve grown to a $5 billion-a-year business in North America and continue to draw new investors to their high return on investment, cash business structure and ease of operation.

Texas Laundry Service Company can help new investors tap into this market by offering assistance with demographic analysis, layout and design of the store, financing and much more.


We understand that equipping a coin or on-premises laundry is substantial investment. That’s why we offer financing to help you purchase equipment when you need it. Competitive rates and a tailored approach are what set us apart from the competition. In most cases, all that’s needed is a simple one-page credit application. Customers also receive an answer on their application quickly — typically within 24 hours.

You’ll have peace of mind that your loan is being handled by professionals with years of experience funding laundry projects

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Where We're Located

3750 Red Bluff Rd, Pasadena, TX 77503

Letter from the President

"Thanks again for visiting the site. Please, feel free to contact your local representative for any information you may require. Your success means our success… and we’re here to help!""

- Linda Moore