International Procurement

Being based in a port city affords us the opportunity to sell on-premise equipment to the Offshore Industry. We also sell Speed Queen laundry equipment to third party vendors who procure equipment for ships in international waters in countries around the world.

We offer purchasing accounts for offshore rig companies and third party vendors selling to the container ships Indus try. We turn around our quotes in a timely fashion to meet your deadlines.

We have a fully stocked warehouse for Speed Queen parts available when you need them. We also sell many ancillary items such as folding tables, shelving, baskets, carts, laundry bags and more. We also sell U.S. manufactured kitchen galley parts.

Container ships and offshore rigs need industrial grade laundry equipment for their crews and we can provide the machines they need. Speed Queen commercial laundry equipment will stand up against the riggers of an offshore environment.

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